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1Essay  The Worcester Collection of Canons
Elliot, Michael D.. (2016) - In: Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Congress of Medieval canon law p. 1-30

2Articles  Anonymous of Worcester's Quaestiones super Librum Ethicorum
Suto, Taki. (2015) - In: Archives d'histoire doctrinale et littéraire du Moyen Âge vol. 82 (2015) p. 317-389

3Articles  What type of tremor did the medieval 'Tremulous Hand of Worcester' have?
Thorpe, DeborahAlty, Jane E.. (2015) - In: Brain. A Journal of Neurology vol. 138 (2015) p. 23-31

4Articles  Le déclin du multilinguisme dans "The Boke of Noblesse" et son "Codicille de William Worcester"
Nall, Catherine RebeccaWakelin, Daniel. (2015) - In: Médiévales vol. 68 (2015) p. 73-91

5Essay  Peasant Farming in Late Medieval England: Evidence from the Tithe Estimations by Worcester Cathedral Priory
Dyer, Christopher C.. (2015) - In: Essays Bruce M. S. Campbell p. 83-111

6Articles  The "Cronica de Anglia" in London, British Library, Cotton MS Vitellius C.VIII, fols. 6v-21v: another product of John of Worcester's history workshop
Hayward, Paul Antony. (2015) - In: Traditio vol. 70 (2015) p. 159-236

7Essay  Moving to War: Rhetoric and Emotion in William Worcester's Boke of Noblesse
Nall, Catherine Rebecca. (2015) - In: Emotions and war. Medieval to romantic literature p. 117-132

8Essay  La force politique de la manhood: l'exemple du Boke of Noblesse de William Worcester
Fletcher, Christopher David. (2015) - In: La légitimité implicite Pt. 1 p. 477-496

9Essay  The 'Worcester' Historians and Eadric Streona's Execution
Gates, Jay Paul. (2014) - In: Capital and corporal punishment in Anglo-Saxon England p. 165-180

10Articles  From the Mesolithic to the Second World War - Archaeological Investigations of the former Petrol Storage Facilities, Bath Road, Worcester
Rogers, Tom. (2014) - In: Transactions of the Worcestershire Archaeological Society Ser. 3, vol. 24 (2014) p. 95-106

11Essay  The Selection and Compilation of the Verba Seniorum in Worcester, Cathedral Library, F.48
Rudolf, Winfried. (2014) - In: Hagiography in Anglo-saxon England p. 183-227

12Articles  Worcester Castle site: an update on the Origins of Worcester
Napthan, Mike. (2014) - In: Transactions of the Worcestershire Archaeological Society Ser. 3, vol. 24 (2014) p. 1-48

13Monographie  Establishing and analysing the sphere of influence of Saints Oswald and Wulfstan of Worcester, c. 950 to c. 1400
Styler, Ian David. - [University of Birmingham] (2014)

14Essay  Rewriting St Wulfstan of Worcester, the Last Anglo-Saxon Bishop, in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
Reames, Sherry L.. (2014) - In: Envisioning the bishop. Images and the episcopacy in the middle ages p. 303-330

15Articles  John of Worcester and the science of history
Lawrence-Mathers, Anne. (2013) - In: Journal of Medieval History vol. 39 (2013) p. 255-274

16Articles  Worcester, Cathedral Library Q.29, fols. 133-37: An Early Middle English Sermon and Its Context
Faulkner, Mark. (2013) - In: Mediaeval Studies vol. 75 (2013) p. 147-176

17Articles  The Old Bishop's Palace, Worcester: Some Observations On Its Medieval Fabric
Atherton, Jill. (2013) - In: Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society vol. 57 (2013) p. 87-113

18Articles  Medieval painted and stained glass at Worcester Cathedral & Priory, 1: the cathedral.
Guy, Christopher J.. (2012) - In: Vidimus vol. 56 (2012)

19Articles  Why the Battle of Worcester Mattered
Worden, Blair. (2012) - In: Transactions of the Worcestershire Archaeological Society Ser. 3, vol. 23 (2012) p. 115-120

20Articles  The Worcester Eyre of 1275
Röhrkasten, Jens. (2012) - In: Transactions of the Worcestershire Archaeological Society Ser. 3, vol. 23 (2012) p. 103-114

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 441