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Title Words: Rupescissa

1Monographie  John of Rupescissa's Vade mecum in tribulacione (1356): a late medieval eschatological manual for the forthcoming thirteen years of horror and hardship
Johannes <de Rupescissa>. Kaup, Matthias [Publ.]. - London [u.a.] (2017)

2Articles  The Interplay among Alchemy, Theology and Philosophy in the Late Middle Ages: The Cases of Roger Bacon and John of Rupescissa
Rinotas, Athanasios. (2017) - In: Vegueta vol. 17 (2017)

3Articles  Yet Another Work by John of Rupescissa
Lerner, Robert Earl. (2016) - In: Oliviana vol. 5 (2016)

4Essay  'Non capit in corde meo ut possim expositioni Joachimi penitus acquiescere in hoc loco'. Pseudo-Joachims Kommentar zum Oraculum Cyrilli und seine Kommentierung durch Johannes von Rupescissa
Schmieder, Felicitas. (2016) - In: "Ioachim posuit verba ista" p. 183-194

5Articles  Gilding the Lily: John of Rupescissa's Prophetic System and the Decline of the Angevins of Naples
Casteen, Elizabeth. (2015 - 2016) - In: Mediaevalia vol. 36/37 (2015/16) p. 119-145

6Monographie  Vade mecum in tribulatione / Giovanni Rupescissa
Johannes <de Rupescissa>. Lerner, Robert EarlPotestà, Gian Luca [Ed.]. Tealdi, Elena [Publ.]. - Milano (2015)

7Articles  Las traducciones MSS en castellano del "Vade Mecum in Tribulatione" de Johannes de Rupescissa OFMconv (1310ca-1365)
Arcelus Ulibarrena, Juana María. (2014) - In: Semata vol. 26 (2014) p. 383-404

8Essay  Giovanni di Rupescissa: autobiografia, profezia e leggenda
Ciola, Graziana. (2013) - In: Mittelalterliche Legenden von Philosophen und Gelehrten p. 517-579

9Essay  Giovanni di Rupescissa: autobiografía, profezia e leggenda
Ciola, Graziana. (2013) - In: The Medieval legend of philosophers and scholars p. 517-578

10Monographie  Il Vade mecum in tribulatione di Giovanni di Rupescissa. Edizione critica
Tealdi, Elena. - [Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milano] (2012)

11Articles  Hic est angelus in manu habens libellum apertum. The Use and Meaning of Apocalyptic Angels in Prophetical Works: The History of a Biblical Model from Joachim to Rupescissa
Tealdi, Elena. (2012) - In: Annali di scienze religiose vol. 5 (2012) p. 171-197

12Essay  Giovanni di Rupescissa: sapere, alchimia e profezia
Crisciani, Chiara. (2012) - In: I francescani e le scienze p. 239-280

13Essay  Prophetic Utopias: Olivi, Rupescissa and Eiximenis
Lerner, Robert Earl. (2009) - In: Utopies i alternatives de vida a l'Edat Mitjana. Reunió científica p. 69-82

14Monographie  Prophecy, alchemy, and the end of time: John of Rupescissa in the late Middle Ages
DeVun, Leah. - New York, NY (2009)

15Articles  John of Rupescissa's engagement with prophetic texts in the Sexdequiloquium
Mesler, Katelyn. (2009) - In: Oliviana vol. 3 (2009)

16Essay  Prophetische Propaganda in der Politik des 14. Jahrhunderts: Johannes von Rupescissa
Schmieder, Felicitas. (2008) - In: Endzeiten. Eschatologie in den monotheistischen Weltreligionen p. 249-260

17Essay  "Human Heaven": John of Rupescissa's Alchemy at the End of the World
DeVun, Leah. (2007) - In: History in the comic mode. Medieval communities and the matter of person p. 251-261

18Articles  La prima traduzione francese del Vade mecum in tribulatione di Giovanni di Rupescissa (Parigi, BNF f. fr. 24254)
Ferrari, Barbara. (2004) - In: Studi mediolatini e volgari vol. 50 (2004) p. 59-76

19Monographie  John of Rupescissa and the states of nature: Science, apocalypse, and society in the late Middle Ages
DeVun, Leah. - [Columbia University] (2004)

20Articles  John of Rupescissa's Letter Reverendissime pater (1350) in the Aftermath of the Black Death
Casteen, Elizabeth. (2004) - In: Franciscana. Bollettino della Società Internazionale di Studi Francescani vol. 6 (2004) p. 139-184

RI-Opac SearchMatches: 32