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Systematic Thesaurus

         Europe  [+]   1288377x
             Central Europe  [+]   480873x
                 Germany  [+]   389046x
                     German Federal States  [+]   306049x
                         Hesse  [+]   28779x
                             North Hesse  [+]   6988x
                                Synonym: Landgrafschaft Hessen
                                 Amöneburg  [+]   66x
                                 Bad Arolsen  [+]   34x
                                 Baunatal  [+]   17x
                                 Biedenkopf  [+]   50x
                                 Boyneburg  [+]   34x
                                 Breitenau, Kloster  [+]   28x
                                 Büraberg  [+]   33x
                                 Dörnberg (Kassel)  [+]   23x
                                 Ebersberg (Rhön)  [+]   15x
                                 Eberstein a. d. Rhön  [+]   9x
                                 Eschwege  [+]   155x
                                 Frankenberg  [+]   43x
                                 Fritzlar  [+]   307x
                                 Fulda  [+]   1653x
                                 Gemünden (Wohra)  [+]   3x
                                 Germerode  [+]   10x
                                 Gersfeld  [+]   9x
                                 Gieselwerder  [+]   18x
                                 Gottsbüren  [+]   13x
                                 Grebenstein  [+]   22x
                                 Gudensberg  [+]   24x
                                 Guxhagen  [+]   7x
                                 Haina, Kloster  [+]   69x
                                 Hatzfeld (Eder)  [+]   26x
                                 Haydau, Kloster  [+]   14x
                                 Helmarshausen  [+]   105x
                                 Hersfeld  [+]   579x
                                 Hofgeismar  [+]   62x
                                 Holzheim (Fritzlar)  [+]   29x
                                 Homberg (Efze)  [+]   11x
                                 Hünfeld  [+]   67x
                                 Immenhausen (Hessen)  [+]   19x
                                 Jesberg  [+]   14x
                                 Kassel  [+]   383x
                                 Kaufungen  [+]   106x
                                 Kirchhain  [+]   25x
                                 Korbach  [+]   105x
                                 Liebenau (Hessen)  [+]   5x
                                 Lippoldsberg  [+]   26x
                                 Ludwigstein, Burg  [+]   11x
                                 Marburg a. d. Lahn  [+]   1028x
                                 Melsungen  [+]   48x
                                 Mengeringhausen  [+]   20x
                                 Niedenstein  [+]   18x
                                 Rasdorf  [+]   35x
                                 Rauschenberg  [+]   19x
                                 Rotenburg a. d. Fulda  [+]   19x
                                 Schweinsberg  [+]   39x
                                 Sontra  [+]   34x
                                 Spangenberg  [+]   28x
                                 Volkmarsen  [+]   25x
                                 Waldeck  [+]   143x
                                 Wetter (Hessen)  [+]   56x
                                 Wildungen  [+]   91x
                                 Witzenhausen  [+]   62x
                                 Wolfhagen  [+]   71x
                                 Ziegenhain  [+]   94x
                                 Zierenberg  [+]   46x


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Thesaurus Help:

The systematic thesaurus of the OPAC is a hierachical collection of all descriptors which are used to categorize entries of the database concerning topics, time and geography. You can browse the descriptors by using the systematic tree view or the alphabetic register or by doing a text search on all descriptors.

Descriptors with the folder symbol contain more detailed descriptors of subcategories, which can be displayed by clicking on the descriptor text. If the descriptor has no subcategories, it is marked with a page symbol, and there is no link.

The number next to the descriptor shows the counter of all database entries which are tagged with the descriptor. You can display all these entries by clicking on the number.

You can add a descriptor to the selection with the [+] symbol. If you do so, and then click on the number of another descriptor to show the related entries then only the intersection of both descriptors will be displayed. Selecting a descriptor with the [+] symbol also gives you the possibility to filter the results by using the query form.

NOTE: Not all entries of the Opac are tagged with thesaurus descriptors, so an additional search with the regular query form may deliver different results.