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Systematic Thesaurus

         Europe  [+]   1344080x
             South Europe  [+]   332755x
                 Italy  [+]   213988x
                     Upper Italy  [+]   63220x
                         Emilia-Romagna  [+]   18095x
                            Synonym: GND=1025638-6
                             Bagnacavallo  [+]   40x
                             Bazzano (Bologna)  [+]   13x
                             Berceto  [+]   11x
                             Bobbio  [+]   361x
                             Bologna  [+]   4376x
                             Brescello  [+]   26x
                             Canossa  [+]   500x
                             Carpi  [+]   154x
                             Castell'Arquato  [+]   21x
                             Cervia  [+]   55x
                             Cesena  [+]   319x
                             Cesenatico  [+]   21x
                             Chiaravalle della Colomba  [+]   26x
                             Comacchio  [+]   125x
                             Correggio  [+]   34x
                             Faenza  [+]   340x
                             Ferrara  [+]   1697x
                             Fidenza  [+]   71x
                             Fiorenzuola d’Arda  [+]   18x
                             Fontevivo  [+]   6x
                             Forli  [+]   267x
                             Forlimpopoli  [+]   93x
                             Frassinoro  [+]   17x
                             Guastalla  [+]   71x
                             Imola  [+]   318x
                             Mirandola  [+]   107x
                             Modena  [+]   1098x
                             Modigliana  [+]   28x
                             Nonantola  [+]   297x
                             Parma  [+]   1071x
                             Pavullo nel Frignano  [+]   8x
                             Piacenza  [+]   871x
                             Pomposa  [+]   168x
                             Ravenna  [+]   2517x
                             Reggio nell'Emilia  [+]   365x
                             Rimini  [+]   619x
                             Sarsina  [+]   80x
                             Spilamberto  [+]   26x


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Thesaurus Help:

The systematic thesaurus of the OPAC is a hierachical collection of all descriptors which are used to categorize entries of the database concerning topics, time and geography. You can browse the descriptors by using the systematic tree view or the alphabetic register or by doing a text search on all descriptors.

Descriptors with the folder symbol contain more detailed descriptors of subcategories, which can be displayed by clicking on the descriptor text. If the descriptor has no subcategories, it is marked with a page symbol, and there is no link.

The number next to the descriptor shows the counter of all database entries which are tagged with the descriptor. You can display all these entries by clicking on the number.

You can add a descriptor to the selection with the [+] symbol. If you do so, and then click on the number of another descriptor to show the related entries then only the intersection of both descriptors will be displayed. Selecting a descriptor with the [+] symbol also gives you the possibility to filter the results by using the query form.

NOTE: Not all entries of the Opac are tagged with thesaurus descriptors, so an additional search with the regular query form may deliver different results.